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Ryebread for dinner?

Cultivating an agenda and fuelling the long-term position for the bread brand Schulstad.




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To secure the future of the brand and differentiate it from the competitors, we developed and implemented a new brand architecture, tone of voice and a brand position that gives Schulstad a trustworthy and distinctive character and consumers a 'Reason why’. In this first campaign we tabbed into an inflation agenda making the message relevant to all Danish consumers.


In a generic FMCG-category characterized by very little distinctiveness, there is a need to make creative, unexpected and yet meaningful campaigns.


As inflation hit in 2022, a surge in electricity prices soared through Denmark. An economic challenge relevant to millions of Danes.One thing that really came to people’s attention was electricity prices and electricity consuming devices. The term kWh started trending and ‘Min Strøm’ became the most downloaded app on Danish App Store. Among these electricity consuming devices was many kitchen essentials:The oven, the mixer and the stove.


As most Danes was brought up with a habit for occasional rye bread dinners, we encouraged them to go back to basics. That meant turning off the oven, turning off the stove and serving rye bread for dinner (one more time each week). Simple, delicious and most of all cheap.

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