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It starts on the ocean

A new core narrative and brand identity





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We travel to get new experiences. Optimally, it starts on the ocean with a sailing trip. We choose the destination ourselves, and while the landscape flies by, we relax, absorb impressions and add new chapters to our common story.


Vacations are about spending time together, getting new experiences and being flexible. So, when redefining the brand of the ferry company Scandlines, it was vital to create a communications platform, a core narrative, and a design that didn’t just refer to the actual trip but rather manifests how the many hours spent together in the car and on the ferry brings us closer.


We helped create a new brand platform, a core narrative, a tagline, campaigns, a visual identity for the main brand and sub-brands, and a 137-page brand guide.

The new core narrative was also evident in the design of a visual identity and the choice of brand pictures. Moreover, the colour palette stands out from competitors by combining classic blue tones with warm, secondary contrast colours in burned red and sunny yellow.

Scandlines identity