Webinar: Sustainability Barometer

Webinar: Sustainability Barometer

Join us for this exclusive webinar and discover the key findings and insights of our newly launched Sustainability Barometer 2022/23.

The webinar will be hosted by our team behind the research and analysis, Director of Public Affairs, Anna Louise Henrichsen, and Advisor Pernille Larsen. And for those who want to dive deeper, the full version of the Sustainability Barometer is available for you to explore here.

When: Thursday, January 19th - 09:15-10:00 am.

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Advice's Sustainability Barometer 2022/2023 sheds light on the current sustainability challenges and opportunities within the digital development. While sustainability has gained traction in the activities of Danes, policy makers and companies, sustainability in the digital area is under-examined. Therefore, Advice's Sustainability Barometer "Sustainable Tech - An Evolving Digital Realm" is a contribution to defining how we can move towards sustainable and responsible digitalization.

We believe that the social and environmental impact of digital technologies is an important matter. Do you share our belief, and do you want to discuss it further?