Webinar: Do you sort your digital waste?

Webinar: Do you sort your digital waste?

On a global scale, sustainability has become one of the major agendas. But in the whole discussion about air traffic, clothing production and waste sorting, we forget some of the things we use the most - the Internet!

Yes, the place where you eventually do all your shopping, consume your entertainment and not least spend time on social media and maintain conversations with friends and relatives. The Internet is one of the major culprits in CO2 emissions, but far too few are aware of it. And if you operate and maintain digital platforms, you have a shared responsibility.

But don’t worry. There is plenty of opportunities for making sustainable IT choices that still allow you to enhance the user experience with your site and solution. Join our webinar and get inspired on how to create a greener platform - we will talk about sustainable digital initiatives that can contribute to helping both businesses, society and end-users.

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Start - 25/11/2021 - KL. 09:00

End - 25/11/2021 - KL. 09:45

Location - Online