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A digital business platform for member growth

An effective cloud architecture and a new headless website built on Sanity Composable Content Cloud


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A digital business platform for member growth

Business Danmark is Denmark’s leading union for Sales & Marketing professionals. And as Marketing & Sales is changing into new digital channels & competencies, Business Danmark is creating a strong IT platform for digital transformation that will enable a stronger segmentation and personalized member service.


Business Danmark’s existing IT-infrastructure for web experience was a monolithic platform approach that did not scale efficiently. And as the demand for a stronger segmentation in member communication and faster development of new digital tools was in the pipeline, the web platform - Businessdanmark.dk – had to be relaunched as a strategic platform for future digital development.

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Forte Advice worked with the team at Business Danmark to relaunch Businessdanmark.dk as a new headless website built on Sanity Composable Content Cloud. The new web platform is a content hub with a stronger segmentation between members and potential members to enable a more efficient lead-scoring and personalized service after MitID login.

The new design cleaned up the navigation. More particularly, this means we’ve aimed for a professional, up-to-date, and minimalistic look-and-feel, focusing on communicating fewer, but clearer messages on all pages while catering to the new, broader target group. ​

The design and content strategy was redefined and templates for lead-tools & landing pages made governance for both campaigns and digital tools like “Contract-check” and “EU-certification in sales” easier and more effective. The tools were relaunched as engagement tools that integrate well with organic search and paid campaigns to create a stronger recruitment funnel.

We also redefined and simplified the IT-architecture for the member portal. MS Azure was chosen as the platform for the member portal with self-service and digital tools. MS Azure is an integral part of Business Danmark’s IT-strategy and now digital services on the member platform can connect to the backbone of the organization and share data sources in the cloud. For instance, events and legals services are now connected with the member portal and data exchange is faster and with one source of truth, and cloud functions can be utilized when designing new digital member services – for instance AI and data segmentation.

We are very happy and proud of our giant digital leap that will enable our growth in member satisfaction and digital self-service.

Martin Kildegaard, CEO, Business Danmark
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