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Digital Strategy & Roadmaps, User Involvement, UX, Digital Design & Accessibility, Front-End, CMS & Digital Services, Customer Data Platforms, CRM & Marketing Automation, Data Driven Analyses, SEO/SEM & Content Optimization

We have contributed to improving NorgesGruppen's digital service platform by optimizing how they work with digital services. Today, NorgesGruppen can take advantage of all the diverse data sources to develop services and offer standard components more rapidly across different brand chains and companies.

The NorgesGruppen app


NorgesGruppen is Norway's fifth largest company and the most prominent player in the Norwegian grocery retail market. They also have a considerable footprint in production and wholesale (ASKO) as well as grocery retail, industrial householding and catering.

But over the next few years, the grocery retail market will face rapid changes and disruptions by new and large international players. As a result, promoting sustainable models and consistently being customer-oriented and proactive with trends and new markets has become increasingly important.


We have been involved in designing and developing various concepts and solutions, such as the Trumf and Meny E-commerce customer loyalty programme. The solutions include:

  • An innovative and advanced digital service platform and update of the existing technical architecture throughout the company.
  • Concept development and consulting for different grocery stores within the company.
  • Testing and validating technical and/or commercial projects and new business models.

Go explore: Trumf

Technology stack:

  • .NET
  • EpiserverCMS
  • Azure
  • Elasticsearch
  • Kibana


  • Trumf (Norway's largest loyalty program)
  • MENU (Prominent online store)
  • KIWI and Joker (Websites with different applications like "Find stores", "Recipes", and "Online stores")
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