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A revamped website with new visual identity and improved functionality, leading to enhanced user experience and reduced customer support needs.


Dansk Producent Ansvar


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DPA had an outdated website with poor user experience. To improve the website, an updated visual identity and features were implemented on a simplified site structure optimized for desktop and mobile. The new website has introduced a tool for testing producer responsibility coverage. This has made the website more user-friendly and reduced the need for customer support.

Website on desktop and mobile


DPA manages producer responsibility for electronic equipment, batteries, and vehicles in Denmark, including free disposal for end users and material recovery for manufacturers and importers.

DPA's website was build on an outdated CMS resulting in poor user experience and difficulty updating content for editors. Furthermore, the website was not responsive creating a poor mobile experience.


Forte Advice started by mapping out DPA's site. The insight was that users received a very good service when they called DPA, but completely gave up on the website because of the content-heavy pages in outdated design.


The solution involved the development and implementation of a new visual identity, a new logo, new features, and new content in a simplefied content structure that forms the basis for an entirely new site optimized for both desktop and mobile. The result is a site with a more streamlined look with fewer images and clear call to actions.

DPAs website is now hosted in a new CMS, which allows editors to more easily produce content for the website without having to deal with outdated and irrelevant CMS functions, resulting in faster and more accurate release of their content.

The site has been redesigned with two primary functions in mind: 1) users can test whether a company or product is covered by producer responsibility, and 2) automation of statistics and their display. These two functions have resulted in the end user being more self-sufficient, leading to a decrease in the need for support.

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