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Explore Denmark easily by Public Transport

We have developed a website for DOT – din offentlige transport, where tourists can find all the information they need to travel around Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand by public transport. We have also implemented an interactive map that shows the different City Pass zones, so the tourists easily can decide which pass fits their travel needs.


Din Offentlige Transport


UX, Digital Design & Accessibility, Front-End, CMS & Digital Services, Data Driven Analyses, SEO/SEM & Content Optimization
Desktop mockup of frontpage

The scope was to create a new content concept with the tourist in focus. Included in the scope was a digital widget/service that DOT can offer external partners for their respective websites, which makes it easy and relevant to travel with public transport to and from Danish museums, attractions and more – and make public transport the most natural choice of transport. We have developed the concept, written copy, and designed and developed the solution.

Screenshots of public tranport website in desktop and mobile version


The existing tourist information is fragmented, and tourists find it difficult to get a comprehensive overview of the city's attractions and the relevant City pass zones. There is a need for a website that can present the information in an intuitive and coherent way, so that tourists can easily plan their trips and get the most out of their stay.


The project has been developed in collaboration between DOT and Forte Advice. Public transport is developed in Sanity with integration to the Google Maps API, as well as the Rejseplanen's API And has already helped 48.651 tourists finding the mostintuitive and coherent way to a destination by making public transport the most natural choice of transport.

Colour palette
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