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We helped Flokk structure and utilize its data to digitize the company and improve the online customer journey. For instance, we developed 'The Configurator' – a digital tool that tackles Flokk's complex product offerings and enables customers to design their own products easily.

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Flokk is a European business group, the leading manufacturer of quality furniture for workplaces. They are market leaders and proud owners of well-known brands such as HÅG, RH, Giroflex and Profim. Today, approximately 2,300 employees across 15 sales offices work together to realize the company's vision: Inspire great work.

All products are developed with minimal environmental influence while having great quality and a long lifespan. Flokk has lean and agile processes within production, logistics and design, resulting in overall growth and progress.

But the furniture industry will face significant shifts and challenges in the coming years. Therefore, Flokk needed to digitize further. Specifically, they needed to find ways to structure and utilize data from different business units robustly and productively.

Moreover, they wanted to take better advantage of digital advancements to become more efficient, provide higher quality, and grasp increased innovation across the entire organization, internally and externally.


We developed a tool called 'The configurator'. Its primary objective is to tackle the complex product-offering structure from Flokk, where individuals can easily design a product based on his/her preferences.

This all-in-one process simplifies the overall experience for designers, architects and end customers. With millions of potential configurations, it has been crucial for Flokk to ensure great structure and efficiency. Flokk has incorporated the tool in its current architecture, resulting in an efficient framework that provides a competitive advantage.

Today, a configuration code is generated as an outcome based on each customer's preferences. During the development process, it was vital to integrate it with Flokk's ERP system to handle the communication between Flokk and its customers effectively. These considerations have improved the entire customer journey and made the ordering process more efficient and reliable.

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Technology stack:

  • Virto Commerce
  • Hubspot


  • Improved customer journey.
  • More efficient and reliable ecommerce.
  • 1500% increase in visitors on the website
  • 10% decrease in bounce rate
  • 25% increase in average session length
  • 35% increase in page views
  • 30% increased traffic from organic searches
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