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Becoming a parent gives rise to many thoughts. The FIF project introduces new ways to think about preparation for birth and parenthood.


Center for Forældreskab


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Forte Advice developed a website for expecting and new parents to provide support regarding the challenges of parenthood.

It includes conversation exercises and inspirational content tailored to different stages of pregnancy and early parenting and is designed to be easily accessible and convenient for all users. It aims to help expecting couples feel more confident and equipped to handle the emotional aspects of parenthood. The website is part of a coherent course combining 1) a digital universe with many different tools and 2) physical meetings in groups of about 10 couples. These two distinct formats complement each other by stimulating individual reflection, dialogue, and exchange of experiences. The website gives parents inspiration, insights and tips in various content formats such as podcasts, animated films, Exercises and texts.

Computer view of the CEFO website


Center for Parenthood (Center for Forældreskab (CEFO)) want to reach expecting and new parents with the support on how to navigate in the feelings and concerns of this new role - but how is it best done?


Based on research, Forte Advice and CEFO found that there is a lot of information for new parents, but there is something missing in terms of inspiration to support communication about thoughts, feelings and concerns that one has as a parent.

The digital channel for this communication is a website that expectant and new parents can be referred to for inspiration and visit when it suits them. On the website they have access to inspirational content that is specific to where they are in the period of pregnancy and the first months after delivery.

Tablet view of CEPO website


Forte Advice created a website to be used during the pregnancy process and the early stages of a child's life. We believe this website will be an invaluable resource for expecting couples and individuals, helping them feel more confident and equipped to handle the various challenges that come with parenthood in terms of feelings, thoughts, and concerns.

The website includes a range of helpful inspiration and conversation exercises. It is divided into different periods based on the pregnancy and the early stages of the child's life, so users can easily find the information and sections that are relevant to their current situation. This allows expecting couples to access the resources they need at different stages of their journey, from early pregnancy to the first few months with their new baby.

The website was built with a headless architecture using Sanity and Next.js.

Mobile view of CEFO website
The color scale used for the CEFO website
Typography for the CEFO website