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Composable Content Hub helps parents navigate their kids' digital lives.


The Danish Consumer Council and Ole Kirk's Foundation


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Three out of four parents feel confident that their children will approach them if they encounter violations or abuse online. However, recent studies from Save the Children show that only one in four children turn to their parents after experiencing digital violations. In collaboration with The Danish Consumer Council, we have developed a content hub to address the challenges and help parents navigate their kids' digital lives.


Though most parents feel that they have a fairly good understanding of the digital lives their children lead, the children themselves do not feel comfortable talking to their parents about this part of their lives. They feel that the parents might misunderstand and judge their digital behaviour, and they worry that they will not be allowed to use the platforms afterwards. Thus, the communication gap between the parents and children grows, and the children are left alone with the issues they might face online.



GENVEJ.org is the result of a strategic partnership between The Danish Consumer Council and Ole Kirk's Fond in collaboration with Save the Children, Børns Vilkår, The Mary Foundation, and The Media Council for Children and Young People, and several other organisations. Forte Advice helped create a composable content hub that can make a lasting impact to help parents navigate their children's digital lives. The content hub is built as several headless Next.js front-ends on top of a Sanity platform that creates strong governance for content across many contributing editor groups.

"Training courses" for parents in bite-size

The content hub is fueled by content from editors from all participating partners. And in a service-design process, we created several small "training courses" for parents - i.e., bite-size learning experiences that helped parents understand digital platforms, digital culture, and kids' behavior online. Here, parents can get a 2-minute introduction to TikTok, privacy settings in Steam, or get help if their kid's pictures have been exploited.

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The campaign to launch GENVEJ made an impressive impact, with over 2.6 million completed video views across various channels and nationwide PR.

But the platform is built for long-term effect; New partners can add content to the hub over time and reuse the tools & modules in Sanity to create new training courses to enable a strategic partnership helping parents with their children's digital life in many years to come.

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