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Recycling Copenhagen

A digital solution to change the recycling habit of the citizens in Copenhagen.


Københavns Kommune


UX, Digital Design & Accessibility, Concept & Creative Development, Analysis & Insight

In collaboration with the Municipality of Copenhagen we have designed a new platform to help the citizens of Copenhagen to change their recycling habits, becoming better recyclers and inform about sustainability


Copenhagen Municipality had an ambitious vision: transforming the waste habits of the citizens and propelling the recycling rate from 45% to 70%.
But to make this vision a reality, there were three pivotal challenges to be addressed:

  • Ignite a belief in every citizen that every piece of sorted waste makes a difference.
  • Empower with the knowledge to recycle correctly.
  • Demystify the recycling journey, revealing the impact of each sorted item.
Colors for the project


Empowered by behavioural design, we created a user friendly solution to inspire a behavioural change for the citizen. The goal was enabling them to sort their waste by showing them compelling waste data in a transformative manner.

We've developed an innovative digital platform that not only nudges citizens towards eco-conscious behaviours but also motivates them to recycle by -

  • Data about the potential the waste holds when recycled correctly.
  • Intuitive sorting guides: Simplifying the recycling journey.
  • The Waste ABCs: Your go-to reference for all things waste.
  • Handy tips & tricks to sort waste more accurately.


The new digital platform has significantly boosted recycling efforts. After release there has been a fivefold increase in users who are eager to order sorting tools and learn the best recycling practices.

Iphone view of website
Screenshots of the solution
Design elements for the website design
Icons for our design work
Animation containing the different colors and fonts we used in the project