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A bad experience often starts well

A behaviour change campaign to make more victims report rape and get help


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There is a large unreported number of rapes – especially rapes committed by someone the victim already knows. That's a huge problem because it makes it difficult to help the victims and prevent more rapes. Therefore, the campaign shed light on the dark numbers to make more victims, especially the young segment, report the abuse to which they have been subjected.


In most rape cases, the victim and the rapist know each other. It is the most common form of abuse, but, in fact, it is also the most rarely reported. There are several reasons for that. The victim is in an extra vulnerable situation because the abuser is not a stranger and thus may feel guilt, shame or a need to pay special attention to him because they are part of the same group of friends. At the same time, the victim may also doubt what the term ‘rape’ covers and whether the assault can even be reported as such.

Many thoughts, many barriers and thus a very concrete challenge: Although a police report requires a mental re-experience of the rape, which can be very difficult, it is necessary to help the victim and prevent future rapes.



Even though the victim has more or less 'voluntarily' entered the process leading up to the given situation, and the fact that the assault is carried out by someone they know, it is still a criminal act if their boundaries are exceeded. The campaign aimed to support the target group by expanding and clearly defining the concept of rape.

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The phrase ‘Even though it started well, it is still rape’ became the starting point for the campaign’s creative concept. We wanted to meet and support the victims and nudge them to report sexual assault.

In addition, we developed a raw, authentic campaign identity, which reflected the young target group's universe of private parties, drinking, dancing and blurred late-night selfies.

The campaign was primarily executed digitally. And for all productions, we had the same consistent approach; There is nothing more effective than letting people’s imagination create the story itself. Therefore, we created a series of narratives in which we only showed the initial course leading up to the assault. The combination of this approach and the characteristic campaign identity helped establish a strong sense of identification that spoke directly to the heart and brain of the target group.

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