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Let’s stand together against what divides us

The first Covid campaign ever to prevent conflicts rather than infections


The Danish Health Authority


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For the first time during the Covid pandemic, we helped the Danish Health Authority create an untraditional campaign to unite the Danes and prevent conflicts – rather than providing recommendations and restrictions to prevent infections.


The Danes were generally good at following the authorities’ advice during the Covid pandemic. But after two years of restrictions and guidelines, staying positive and polite towards each other became more difficult.

To take the edge off potential polarisation, arguments and confrontations, the Danish Health Authority wanted to remind the Danes that although we might see things differently, we can still respect each other and handle disagreements peacefully.


When we laugh a bit at the absurdity, we take the heat out of a conflict.


In order to deliver this message, we developed two campaign films that speak to the characteristic Danish self-irony.

The films portray two classic confrontations about Covid guidelines disguised as a renaissance duel and a western standoff. The dramatic, historical settings make the irony clear, especially when the scenes suddenly change back to reality, and the contestants realize that they were being a little bit too dramatic. The use of film was key, as it enabled us to use humour to evoke feelings, create self-reflection and appeal to a change in behaviour.

This occasion was the first time during the epidemic that the National Health Authority communicated a message, which was not aimed at providing recommendations or restrictions, but about mobilizing a sense of unity among the population and showing that we can all help prevent conflicts too.




  • More than 24.5 million views
  • More than 13,000 clicks
  • More than 5.4 million completed views on the digital platforms in total
  • More than 3 million minutes of video were viewed on digital channels.
  • TV contributed with 734 Target Rating Point / TRP
  • Cinema advertising generated more than 1.16 million views

On digital platforms, the VTR, CTR and CPM are all on a par with a benchmark or better. In addition, we ran a pre-post test analysis with the following results:

  • 68 % remember watching the Duel (average benchmark = 38 %)
  • 56 % remember seeing the Wild West (average benchmark = 38 %)
  • 78-79 % identify the Danish Health Authority as the sender (average benchmark = 47 %)
  • 77-79 % believe that the campaign communicates the main message (that we must stand together on what divides us, show consideration and respect each other's different points of view so that together we can get through the epidemic well). Average benchmark = 58 %