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Untraditional band-aid helps developing countries fight the Covid-19 pandemic


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During the Covid-19 pandemic, we helped UNICEF Denmark launch a campaign to raise funds to distribute vaccines to developing countries.


While most Danes were eager to get their COVID-19 vaccines, millions of people in low-income countries didn’t have access to vaccines due to unequal distribution. As part of the Covax alliance, UNICEF Denmark thus decided to raise awareness and funds to distribute vaccines in developing countries.


To create awareness about the challenge and raise funds for the cause, we decided to take over the place that all Danes talked about; their vaccinated shoulders: lots and lots of them.


We designed a unique vaccine band-aid with a QR code, which people could scan to donate directly to the cause. The band-aid was designed with fun illustrations and UNICEF's eye-catching blue colour, which made it stand out on the vaccinated shoulders.

We launched the campaign nationwide with the help of UNICEF Denmark's ambassadors. But we also used more untraditional means. Overnight, the band-aid popped up on several unusual but well-known shoulders: on famous statues and murals across the entire country – from distant shores and popular trails to busy city streets. These included:

  • The statues ”Mennesketved Havet” – Esbjerg
  • The gable painting ”Mælk, det er dejligt” – Copenhagen
  • The gable paintingby Michael Kvium – Holbæk
  • The trolls ”Green George”, ”Kaptajn Nalle” and ”BjarkeCirkelsten” by Thomas Dambos– Copenhagen, Christiania and Dragør 
  • The reuniongable painting – Haderslev
  • The bronze sculpture “Oceania” – Odense
  • The statue ”Fruenvedhavet” – Sæby
  • The bronze sculptures ”Historiskespor” – Aarhus
  • The gable painting “Lidenlund-figurerne" – Lemvig
  • H.C. Andersen on the bench – Odense
  • Skulpturen ”Den globalevisionær” i København


Soon after the launch, politicians, celebrities and even the Danish national football team took part in the campaign by wearing the band-aid and sharing it on social media. As planned, the story quickly hit the media, and in just a few weeks, the vaccine band-aid was shared 18,000 times on digital media and received more than 10 million exposures worth DKK 6 million in earned media.

But most importantly, UNICEF Denmark raised more than DKK 3 million in funding to distribute vaccines to people in need – thereby taking everyone one step closer to the end of the pandemic.


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