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Rockinfo is Rockwool's new content hub, which makes it easy for craftsmen to find updated guides and manuals on their smartphones or any other digital device. This database is a huge upgrade from the physical pocket manuals, which are expensive to produce, hard to update, and annoying to carry.

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Rockwool's pocket manuals are guides used daily by design engineers, architects and craftsmen on various construction sites. If the craftsmen don’t have the latest version and thus the correct instructions for their work, calculations and building constructions can quickly become incorrect.

Therefore, Rockwool needed a platform where they could publish content and send updates directly to the users. In the transition from print to digital, it was important to respect the well-known format and design to make the application recognisable. Moreover, the UX had to be user-friendly to make the content easily accessible on construction sites.


We helped create Rockinfo, the digitisation of the physical pocket manuals. We developed the application with headless back-end technology and implemented a fast front-end.

The solution makes it easy for Rockwool to put all content into a back-end system and decide how the content should be displayed to the user and whether it should be displayed in a web browser, on a smartwatch or in an app. The front-end solution adapts and applies Rockwool's recognisable identity to the user’s preferred device.

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