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Difficult jobs for curious people

Employer branding – UX, design and content concept to stand out




Brand Positioning & Platform, Film Production, UX, Digital Design & Accessibility, Concept & Creative Development

SimCorp needed help attracting more skilled employees with the right competencies. We assisted in the process by creating a clear and targeted employer brand strategy supported by an updated and more vibrant career page at SimCorp.com.

Screenshots from the web solution in desktop and mobile view


SimCorp is transforming from being a global IT infrastructure company to a SaaS product and organisation. That requires a doubling of STEM-competencies within a period of two years – in a market which is highly competitive. Even though SimCorp is a global leader in the financial infrastructure industry, their employer brand had a very low awareness in the different markets throughout the world. Thus, they needed expert help to attract a new pool of employees with the right competencies.


We helped build the overall strategic foundation by establishing a clear and narrow employer brandledby the sentence “Difficult jobs for curious people”.
As backbone in the new brand strategy, we created a full UX- and content concept for the career page at SimCorp.com.
The new concept aims to bring more life to website bysupporting the primary user journeysas well aspresenting targeted and exciting content.
Based on SimCorp's current conventions, we have updated the designand introduced new contentelements such as illustrations, motion, and videos.
To secure future content creation, specific country needs, and ongoing maintenance we focused on developing formats and content variations to be produced locally but with a common brand tone-of-voice– all documented in a playbook “how to produce content to the website”.

Mobile mockup of a page about sustainability efforts in SimCorp
Animation of the typography
Desktop mockup of a webpage