Portfolio Biodiversitetsrådet / The Biodiversity Council

Nature’s ambassadors

A digital communications platform for Denmark's first Biodiversity Council


Biodiversitetsrådet / The Biodiversity Council


UX, Digital Design & Accessibility, Front-End, CMS & Digital Services

We have helped develop a new visual identity and website that comprehensively communicates the Biodiversity Council's work and knowledge.


The Biodiversity Council is an independent expert unit which advises the government on initiatives to convert biodiversity loss into progress. In the coming years, the Biodiversity Council will play a central advisory role to the government and regularly publish analyses, recommendations, and guidance to create a common basis for political discussions and initiatives.

But they lacked a clear and simple core narrative of their complex, professional knowledge for different target groups, which entails the government, officials, the press, and professional networks.


The loss of biodiversity has accelerated in recent years, but it is not a lost cause - the curve can be reversed if we act now. This insight was key to highlight.


First, we created a visual identity with a new logo, colours, icons and images. The logo needed to visualize the narrative that biodiversity is all about the symbiosis between plants and animals. Therefore, it illustrates an animal paw (fauna) and a leaf (flora) that merges into a unified imprint.

The new visual identity was the foundation for the design of the Biodiversity Council's most important web platform - Biodiversitetsrådet.dk - which we launched on a new CMS with an accessibility-optimized front-end code.

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