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Be – just a little more – patient

Tragicomic Covid campaign motivates Danes to be patient


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During the Covid pandemic, we helped the Danish Health Authority create four humorous campaign films to motivate Danes to stick it out... just a little bit longer.


The Winter of 2021: The second Covid shutdown had just hit Denmark, and the public mood was at its lowest. Everyone knew the recommendations of sanitising hands, keeping a distance and staying at home, but our patience was challenged more than ever. The vaccines were on their way, but nobody knew when they would come, creating frustration and impatience. 


All Danes were in the same situation, and we all needed motivation to be patient with the Covid restrictions and shutdowns.


The Danish Health Authority wanted to meet the Danes at eye level with four humorous campaign films. Because sometimes, you just need to acknowledge when something is really frustrating and, at the same time, try to laugh about it.

During the pandemic, there was an endless puzzle of new problems: From glasses steaming up over the face mask and automatic hand sanitiser dispensers failing to synchronise with hand movements to being stuck at home with your parents.

Each film targeted the audience that could identify the most with the situation. The campaign was executed on TV, outdoor, display, Snapchat, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook and radio.

Foggy glasses





The campaign got more than 182 million exposures across channels, and the feeling of being seen and understood created a positive response among Danes tired from Covid. In that way, we all got support to be patient. Just a little longer.


Award nominations

Creative Cirlce Award 2022

  • 1 shortlist in the category ‘Film 21-60 sec.’
  • 2 shortlists in the category ‘Humour in Advertising’
  • 1 shortlist in the category ‘Integrated Campaigns’