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The safe side

Teaching kids and teens about online behaviour and safety





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Healthy digital habits start at an early age. That’s why we helped TrygFonden develop an educational campaign to teach kids and teens how to care for themselves and others online.


Danish children and teens are increasingly exposed to IT-related crimes such as unwanted sharing of images, cyberbullying, misuse of passwords and even grooming. That is why the Danish foundation Trygfonden and the National Police

Cybercrime Center joined forces in a project called ‘The safe side’ to strengthen young Danes’ knowledge and ability to behave safely online and prevent digital crime.


As soon as children reach an age where they can use technology more independently and have access to their own or their parents’ devices, they must be taught about cyber safety. This education includes everything from sharing personal information and clicking on links to thinking critically about advertisements.


The first effort is aimed at 7th graders. It consists of educational material with films and quizzes, which the SSP (school, social authority and police) tour around the country to present at schools. This campaign is ongoing.

The next effort will be launched in autumn 2022. It is aimed at the preschool segment (children, parents, and teachers) because it is important to start learning about healthy digital habits already at this age.

The overall aim is to start an important dialogue, create awareness and empowerment, and not least help kids and teens take care of themselves and others online.