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Danish wellfare model in a nutshell

Campaign website for Udbetaling Denmark's 10th anniversary.




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ATP needed to increase awareness of their work and impact, so Forte Advice developed a mobile-focused, visually driven one-pager immersive campaign website using Webflow to better reach their target audience.

Website on desktop and mobile


ATP needed to communicate how much good they have done for the Danish welfare society - since they started, they have saved the public approximately 300 million kroner and has sucesfully driven a major digitazation of the public pension obligation for all danes. This needed to be communicated as there is low awareness in the public about ATP's work in general.


ATP originally wanted to create a print piece to communicate their work, but Forte Advice recommended a digital solution instead, as it is more sustainable and aligns with ATP's work on digitization. In addition, it was better suited to the target audience, who would read the communication on their mobile phones. Finally, a website could be distributed to more people and better reach the target audience. The solution was therefore not limited to those who were present at the anniversary celebration only.


The solution was the development and implementation of a fully accessibility optimized one-page campaign website developed in Webflow. The solution is particularly designed for mobile and is very visually driven in its communication of strategy and results - to make it both immersive and relevant.

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Website on desktop
Website on desktop and mobile
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