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Implementation of a multisite platform

A multisite platform in a new CMS was implemented to solve European Energy's web presence challenge.


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European Energy needed a new website to meet their requirements and effectively communicate their commitment to green energy. A multisite platform in a new CMS was implemented, allowing for consistent templates and components across all sites and efficient management using a single CMS. The platform also provided the flexibility to tailor messaging and design for each local site.

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European Energy needed a modern and functional website that met their requirements as the current website and CMS was outdated and could not be easily modified or customized. The company had a corporate site as well as several local sites that needed to be tailored to the local markets and communicate their commitment to green energy. Therefore, the challenge was to design a new website that effectively communicated European Energy's commitment to green energy, while also meeting the needs of the corporate and local sites and providing a modern and user-friendly design.


An insight for European Energy' was that they needed to communicate strategically on the corporate website and operationally on the local websites within the same CMS instead of managing multible CMS. This would be useful for ensuring a consistent and coordinated communication of the company's messages and initiatives across the different websites, as well as for making it easier to maintain and update the content on all sites.


The solution to European Energy's web presence challenge was the development and implementation of a multisite platform in a new CMS, where the company can use the same templates and components across the corporate and local sites. This has provided operational benefits as it is cost-effective and the design is consistent across pages. The multisite platform allows European Energy to efficiently manage and update content on all of their websites using a single CMS, while also providing the flexibility to tailor the messaging and design to the specific needs of each site. The use of templates and components allows for a more streamlined and efficient process for maintaining the websites, and the consistent design helps to establish a cohesive brand image across all of the sites.

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