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Health provides security. If we are healthy and well, we can handle almost anything. So perhaps it’s not surprising that health is the topic in which most Danes are interested. We do more than 220M google searches about health in Denmark. But the range of myths and miracle cures is vast, and credible information is often hard to find. In fact, as many as 48 % of Danes have difficulty finding their way around the jungle because of the large amounts of online health information.



We wanted to create a place that offers credible and relatable knowledge on the most prevalent health topics, from myths about lice to diagnosing chronic diseases. So, we invested in developing the digital platform, SundhedsTV.dk (HealthTV.dk).

The digital channel is conveyed in short and simple video formats and podcasts that live on channels where the users are already engaged: They are on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram and other websites. The content is also search engine optimized, allowing us to hit the right audiences with the right information while ensuring easily accessible information for everyone.